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All unattributed articles are by the minister, David Silversides.

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Is God Male? 12th March 2007
Isaiah 9th December 2006
Our Supreme Court David Murray 18th February 2006
The Parables And The Kingdom [PDF] 8th October 2005
Worldliness John Thackway [PDF] 15th October 2004
The Burning Bush Robert Gordon [PDF]
The Free Offer Of The Gospel [PDF]
The Sum of Saving Knowledge James Durham & David Dickson
No Love in God Which is Not Effectual Samuel Rutherford [PDF]
The Lord's Prayer
The Transfiguration Malcolm Watts [PDF]
I Love the Lord's Day Robert Murray McCheyne [PDF]
Arminianism in the Pilgrimage of the Soul John Murray [PDF]

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The Mediator's Reward Hugh Martin 2nd March 2007
A Loose and Listless Heart Richard Alleine 16th April 2005
Godly Counsels Joseph Alleine
Forty Scripture Directions John Willison [PDF]
Christ, The Way, The Truth, and The Life John Brown
Warning Signs of Religious Declension Unknown Author [PDF]

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On God's Everlasting Love John Welch [PDF] 7th January 2006
A Sermon on Psalm 73 v28 William Guthrie 10th July 2004
A Sermon on Psalm 46 v10 Richard Cameron [PDF]
Spiritual Strength: Its Reality, Decay and Renovation John Owen [PDF] 23rd April 2005
Expediency or Faithfulness? [PDF]
Christ Exalted Jonathan Edwards [PDF]

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Christ, not the Pope, is the Answer!   24th August 2010
The Rejection of Christ by Protestant Ulster   7th August 2010
Where Now?   18th July 2009
So Where Are We Now?   19th July 2007
Are You An Atheist?
Protestants! - Are You Worshipping Idols?   7th August 2006
Are You An Atheist? [PDF] 3rd September 2005
Bible Words Explained 26th January 2005
Have We "Moved On"?
A Question of Belonging 31st July 2004

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Church & Worship

Protestantism and Roman Catholicism - Is There a Difference?
A Testimony To Exclusive Psalmody Henry Cooke
Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats? CH Spurgeon [PDF]
Presbyterianism [PDF]
Baptism and The Lord's Supper
Why No Christmas or Easter?

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The Preaching of John MacDonald John Kennedy
Prayer Of Christopher Love Before His Execution Christopher Love
What the Solemn League and Covenant Means for Today 3rd January 2005

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Current Issues

Honouring Christ with our Vote 1st May 2010
Christian Modesty in Dress - What does the Bible teach? 30th May 2009
Mother Teresa - A Lost Soul? Richard Bennett 2nd February 2008
Lies About Christ at 'Gay Pride' 18th August 2007
A Review of 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins 4th January 2007
What about the Da Vinci Code? [PDF] 27th May 2006
A Response to Prof. Donald MacLeod on Abortion and 'Gay Rights' 12th November 2005
God and the Tsunami [PDF] 23rd April 2005
Homosexuality - The Real Alternative 21st August 2004
Indifference or Ignorance? The Practice of Idolatry Within the Church Richard Bennett & Randall Paquette 7th April 2004
The Literal Blood of Christ Various Authors 6th Oct 2006
Halloween - Harmless Fun or Dangerous Deception?